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Claim Filing Mistakes

When filing a claim, it’s important to make sure that you’re fully prepared so that you can file your claim as efficiently as possible. The sooner your part of the process is done correctly, the sooner you can expect your claim to be adjudicated.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid in case you need to make a claim:

Discarding receipts
Keep all your travel receipts including for items in your baggage. Also keep receipts for any medical expenses incurred on your trip.

Not filing a police report
In case you lose personal property like baggage, passports, and legal documents or you’re in a traffic accident.

Not visiting a physician
In case you’re too ill to travel and need to cancel or interrupt your trip, we’ll need documentation showing that you visited a physician.

Not acquiring or submitting necessary documents
Be sure to acquire all necessary documents to prove your losses including lost baggage reports, physician reports, airline delays or cancellations & jury notices. Then, be sure to send us all the necessary documents.

Not reading your plan document
Being aware of the terms and limitations of your coverage will keep you informed of what you can and cannot claim.

For more information, be sure to review your plan document.

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