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Insuring Subsequent Travel Arrangements

If you would like to purchase a plan but have not yet paid for all your travel expenses, that’s okay. For your trip cost, enter the current amount of non-refundable trip costs that you have paid so far. Then, as you make additional non-refundable payments toward subsequent travel arrangements (travel arrangements purchased after you have purchased your plan), you can insure that new portion of the trip by increasing your trip cost.

If you choose to protect the cost of subsequent travel arrangements, you must do so within the time-sensitive period stated in your plan document. Your plan benefits apply to the cost of your trip you choose to protect.

Terms and conditions vary by plan and state.

Update trip cost on your own
Increasing or decreasing your trip cost could result in a change to your plan cost. By making the changes through your InsuraGuest account, you will have the opportunity to pay the additional cost or receive a partial refund directly after your change is submitted.

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