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Missed Tour or Cruise Connection

If you miss your trip departure because your arrival at your trip destination is delayed for the stated time trigger included in your plan document due to:

  1. Any delay, cancellation or mechanical breakdown of regularly scheduled Common Carrier must be documented by the Common Carrier;
  2. Inclement Weather that is documented;
  3. Quarantine, hijacking, Strike, Natural Disaster, terrorism or Civil Disorder or Riot;

We will reimburse You, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits, for:

  1. Reasonable Additional Expenses; and
  2. Additional Transportation Cost incurred by You to join the departed Trip; and
  3. Unused, forfeited, prepaid non-refundable Payments or Deposits paid for the land or water Travel Arrangements You purchased for Your Trip.

The time trigger and the maximum benefit amount vary by plan. Please reference the Missed Tour or Cruise Connection language and Schedule of Benefits included in your specific plan document.

Terms and conditions vary by plan and state.

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